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NOMAD Foldable wind shield

NOMAD Foldable wind shield

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Experience the ultimate convenience with the NOMAD Foldable Wind Shield, a must-have accessory for motorcycle camping. Crafted from durable aluminum, this ultra-lightweight and compact wind shield is designed to enhance the efficiency of your camp stoves and grills by providing robust protection against wind. The NOMAD Wind Shield is not just about protection, it also features a power regulator, ensuring optimal heat distribution for a perfect outdoor cooking experience. Its foldable design makes it extremely portable, fitting seamlessly into your motorcycle camping gear. Moreover, it's compatible with the NOMAD Liquid Fuel Bottle, making it an integral part of your motorcycle camping cookware. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a weekend warrior, the NOMAD Foldable Wind Shield is the perfect companion for your outdoor culinary adventures. Experience the difference with this ultra-compact, extremely durable, and power-regulated wind shield. Enhance your motorcycle camping experience with the NOMAD Foldable Wind Shield - the ultimate accessory for outdoor cooking.


  • Stored 24x8,5cm, Set up 24x68cm
  • Weight: 0,05 kg


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